Programs on Public Speaking

Help! Everyone is Staring at Me

A majority of Americans fear for public speaking; some fear it more than death. However, that fear can become a both a personal and professional liability. But most of the angst associated with this necessary skill stems from never being taught how to do it. In this session, attendees will learn the basics of making a speech, effective openings/closes, steps that will help you engage with an audience before taking control of the lectern, and how to immediately captivate a group and keep their attention. Based on the book by the same name.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, As Long as it’s the Right Picture

We’ve all attended sessions where the presenter stumbled and misfired while using audio/visual equipment. Looking uncomfortable, and failing to use the equipment correctly, he failed to connect with the audience. What should have been a memorable talk turned into audience relief when the ordeal was finally over. In this session, attendees will learn why you should or shouldn’t how to put together an A/V program, how to select and use the proper images, and what to do when the equipment malfunctions.

Personalize Your Speech For Effective Communication

We’ve all heard the term, “That speech just didn’t sound like him.” The speaker, for some reason you can’t quite identify, just didn’t get her message across. The words were there, the idea was good, but the impact never materialized. It could have been delivered by someone else. Why did that happen? And why is it so common? How can a speaker ensure that doesn’t happen? In this session, attendees will learn how to use terms, concepts and stories that make it sound like them.  That will convey confidence and help you connect with the audience.

Have a Need Not Covered?

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Susie, Zane, and Harry with Scamp

NY Times Best Selling Author, Ben Montgomery; Sports Illustrated Senor Writer, Tom Lake, & me the night Pedestriennes was honored at the 2012 Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction Conference

Montgomery wrote the Foreward for Pedestriennes

Here I'm holding a framed poster announcing May Marshall's 50 mile walk in Worcester, MA in 1877. (Note the misspelled name).

With me is Gerry Curtis, Marshall's great-granddaughter. (Marshall's real name was Triphena Curtis). The picture was taken in November 2015 at the Handley Library in Winchester, VA, where Curtis now lives.

July 2013, Future Baseball Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez signs a baseball for me at Globe Life Park, Arlington, Texas.